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He’s Thad and I’m Hannah. We started our life together almost 4 years ago after knowing each  other only 6 months. We are poster children for the saying “when you know you know”. God definitely has been in control with our plans from day one. ‘Living Well’ is basically the big circle of what we do and how we are. We have strived to find abundant wellness in our health, faith, marriage, parenting, and relationships.

We are on a constant learning journey and have felt very strong to share our life. We have two very different  yet very precious humans, River Jordan and MaryEma Rain. A third Limke miracle joins us this November. I love to share all mama related hacks, wife encouragement and healthy habits and hacks. You honestly will see a little bit of everything with ol Han:)

Update|| Whats going on and whats to come…

Hey hey everybody… long time no see! So its been an eventful two months since i updated you all on our life going mobile. Let me tell you its been a blast. I couldn’t pick which pics to share so i just added them all lol. #itsfine So…what’s up with the Limke’s: —blog name change…

Let’s talk about BIRTH-Husband input. (podcast)

You guys, this doesn’t get talked about enough. Positive Birth outlooks and experiences from the wife and husband. Especially for my fellow young couples out there. Birth should be beautiful and exciting. Not something to be afraid of and looked upon like an illness. Your body was made for supernatural birth ladies:) This weeks podcast…

We have a page designated just for all the things we get from amazon. You should totally browse around for ideas:)

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