Last DAY OF the MONTH: Opportunity Call Tonight!

The time of being your own boss has come with amazing opportunities to do so.

My dear friend Katie, is doing a zoom call for my team tonight and anyone who wants to listen in. What does this kind of call look like…I’m glad you asked. Super simple. She gives us an overview of what this business looks like and what it has to offer. It’s like a visual manual before you ever have to say “I’m in.” Kinda nice right?

So hey, if you are just a LITTLE bit interested, pop on with us tonight at 8pm central, can’t wait to see you.


Christmas Cranberry bread

Made this YUMMMY bread for thanksgiving and I was in love.

I’ve always had a thing for cranberry bread but haven’t always gotten the perfect recipe down.

But alas, I think this did the trick. It’s easy peezy.

Enjoy as breakfast or a light dessert!

My family does cranberry bread for Christmas morning as a fun tradition. It hits a special place for me:)


Hey BLACK friDay FUN! NEW PRODUCTs and Discounts!!

Ok guys..taking a break from my homie style things, to share the coolest news! you ready??

So I made a fun change in my family’s wellness needs using a new company that I have fallen in love with. Not only have the products brought so much health freedom, but the business in itself has already been a huge blessing in just a few months. Crazy cool huh??

If you are in a place where you are in need of all these things…

—set income opportunity.

—6 figure potential without a 9-5 obligation.

—genuine work community that grows together.

—FREE financial coaching and debt pay off support.

—weekly bonus opportunities.

If any or all of these relate to you…go to my page WORKWITHME and let’s chat mmk???

Now. For the NEW!

Y’all…our Black Friday deals and new products are on another level. Some are limited and are going to run out soon, so don’t wait to try!! Check these options out…

Literally something for everyone. How cool??

So how do you get your hands on it???

Go to this link SHOPMYQSCIENSES and you have three options

—RETAIL: normal retail price with no free shipping option

—PREFERRED CUSTOMER: my fave option, 25% off retail price, free shipping option, your own annual wholesale website for only $10. No autoship needed.

—AMBASSADOR: earn an income with this option. For an annual $39.99 you have an affiliate business website, wholesale pricing, 100pv autoship needed, access to team training, discounts!

How fun right?!! ALSO. Until Sunday November 21st at midnight, you can get FREE Shipping if you spend $200 or more! Don’t sleep on this deal friends🤩.

Hugs, Han

Kitchen Menu Charts (PDF)

Hello friends. last week week in my C&C chats i went over some fun tips to help with making the kitchen more helpful and organized.

I love having a plan in place where i can see my choices in front of me:) Maybe these charts will be helpful to print off and use yourself!

Remeber, making it simple and easy is the key! In the Meal Item ideas, put all the choices of meals that you have shopped for that week…then add them to your menu. its pretty fun to have both because you can decide what days you want to have each meal!

And if your super woman…print off 4 sheets of the menu to plan out the month! Talk about organized.

Happy planning!

XO~ Hannah!

Coffee and Confidence|| The Home Recap! (PDFs)

What an awesome week of showing up with you all in the mornings!

I shared some of the things that i like to implement in the “home” as a mom, wife, working from home, and goals to stay present.

i mad a few charts you can print out to use!!

all the replays are on the youtbe channel!

Don’t forget, if you are in the homestyle facebook group….you get all the deets.

Cant wait to see you all for the next week of Coffee and Confidence talking about all things KITCHEN!


I’m ALIVE! Updates||New video series!

Life has been CRAY my friends! but good things are happening and I’m getting back into posting and putting things together for homestyle with Hannah workshops for my people!! I am so excited.

update on the personal- my health was just not consistent and i started searching for other wellness products to get back to feeling at my best. And cool thing is i walked into an amazing opportunity that has opened up a new source of income plus sustaining wellness products. More details on that in a later post #socialsellingboss

So the thing that brings me so much joy is encouraging people to be confident in the home, the kitchen, as a wife, as a mom and as small biz owner. So to get this community going… I am doing a morning Coffee and Confidence devotion!! I will do it in a Zoom meeting at 8am CT. And then upload it to YouTube for those who don’t make it! All the details will be on the Homestylewithhannah FB group.

After the first week of doing these morning meetings i will start doing polls to see what else you guys would want me to touch on. i cant wait to cover lots of categories|| marriage, cooking, being health conscious, parenting, body image, business, entrepreneurship||. LOTS of things my friends:)) until tomorrow….

XO Han

Three Breakfast Options

Hey hey. Finally got the first set of homestyle breakfast options up and recorded. a few weeks ago. ‘What what’

The recipes are in my Facebook group and will come in a recipe volume soon!!

These videos were super fun to make! Go check them out!

Hugs —Han

Update|| Whats going on and whats to come…

Hey hey everybody… long time no see!

So its been an eventful two months since i updated you all on our life going mobile. Let me tell you its been a blast. I couldn’t pick which pics to share so i just added them all lol. #itsfine

So…what’s up with the Limke’s:

—blog name change for my new business launching mid summer/fall.#doalittledance

—i have been asked to tour with a band couple and that has given all our travel destinations so far up until October. What the what! #Godisfaithful

—Thad has been helping me come up with all the fun ideas and my filming partner for the new business. It’s been super fun. #teamwork

—and we are just living in the moment together.!

Not only has our faith in God grown, but our faith and love in each other has been amazing to watch. We are at the point where the things we have asked for or maybe thought about has just kinda shown up. #socool

There have been times of MAJOR growth in 200sq foot of living space. Ha. But in the end we honestly wouldn’t trade this season for anything.

The minimal lifestyle has been a blessing. We have gotten super used to living on so little. It honestly will be a huge adjustment when(if) we settle down again.

We have even been able to do what Thad has longed for, which is ministering to the lost and broken. Almost every stop we have made, Thad has either prayed or connected in some way with someone. I just love seeing him light up when he gets to do the Lords work. #blessedbeyond

Well that’s the latest my friends….

XO Han

Let’s talk about BIRTH-Husband input. (podcast)

You guys, this doesn’t get talked about enough. Positive Birth outlooks and experiences from the wife and husband.

Especially for my fellow young couples out there. Birth should be beautiful and exciting. Not something to be afraid of and looked upon like an illness. Your body was made for supernatural birth ladies:)

This weeks podcast is a glimpse into our experience and what we have learned with each pregnancy/birth journey we’ve had. Feel free to comment if you have questions or need some resources to know more about #homebirth.


Love and Hugs -Hannah

Intimacy vs Sex. (New Podcast)

So yes the title just puts it out there. This weeks podcast is probably my favorite. In marriage sex is looked at as the most important I feel like, and to me it is when the motive is right. Our desire for each other had always been tied around having deeper connection. Thad and I have learned a lot of things about each other in this area of our relationship, that has brought us to this present time of being extremely connected.

In this episode we share about the hurdles we have gotten over that we honestly didn’t know was needed until we started unwrapping some personal baggage.

This is definitely an “adults only” kind of episode because we get real and honest in a classy way…but just a heads up:)

Click to go to the episode!

Enjoy my friends. We would love it if you followed us on Spotify to get updates for all future episodes!

Love and hugs-Han

We started a PODCAST! First episode is live…

One thing I wanted to do this year with Thad was to do a podcast. We have the greatest time just talking about life and our future.

We really love sharing our views on experiences we have had over the years. We have always lived a little on the edge from the beginning and that’s not the most popular choice of living, so that’s why “unpopular” is a perfect representation. It’s actually a positive view to us. Both of us have never fit to the ‘norm role in our life’s even before we met. That’s probably why we clicked so well.

This will be a fun new side thing for us and I hope you enjoy our real talks about real life things with each other…we have a blast doing it! Maybe it’s just what you need?

Click the picture to go check it out ⬇️

Follow us if you want!

He’s 30. We said I do 4 years ago. Celebrating Two wonderful days.

March 2nd my guy turned 30. Today we celebrated 4 years together. Two of my favorite days ever. I’m so grateful for the man I get to call my husband and the father of my children. We began our journey fast but intentional. Meeting for the first time ever at a Bible study and then saying I do 6 months later was a fairytale I didn’t know I would have.

I would say back then in the days of new love, I didn’t think it could get better. After 4 years and three kids I can say we’ve grown in ways I didn’t know we needed. Even in the toughest year we’ve had I would say it’s been my favorite so far.

I am forever grateful for Gods grace and guidance through the hard times and learning moments. I remember writing a letter to my future husband when I was 15 and to know that the man I call my spouse is pretty much everything I prayed for and more brings me so much joy. Marriage is a gift. Having a partner that loves you unconditionally is a blessing. I can’t wait to see where we are years from now.

4 years married might look like me just recovered enough from dental surgery to have my hubby take me out for a short soft food dinner, while grandma puts all the kiddos to bed. Couldn’t have asked for more. Thad has been the best caregiver while I heal and even surprised me with flowers and gifts delivered to me since I wasn’t quite ready for shopping yet. Improvising at its finest. Now to go take more medicine and sleep with an ice pack. 🙂

Our house sold in ONE DAY! New Adventures begin.

Well what a month. I can finally spill all the deets on what our fam has been up to and about to do. January we felt led to put our house on the market because Thad and I felt a huge nudge to get our family on the road to fully do what we feel called to do. Spread the love to all sorts of people all over while showing our kids the world.

So day one of our house being for sale comes and we have 6 showings scheduled before noon that day. Crazy good start. By 3pm we have two offers, one full price. By 9am the next day we say yes to an offer and start the buying process. Wow. If I’m being honest, I was needing some sort of sign that we were hearing right from God and not making a huge mistake, and boy what a sign was this.

On February 24th we said goodbye to our first home we bought with cash, survived the 2020 changes, and welcomed our third baby. It was sad but exciting. We loved this little house and it showed us that we like living minimal and long for discovering a new place to take our kiddos.

We have sold everything and downsized quite a lot so we can take this crew on the road with our home! We are still looking for what that will be, tiny home, camper, converted bus, or RV…waiting for the right thing to fall in place perfect for us.

God has definitely been showing off with his goodness and we tend to keep listening for the next step. I can’t wait to take you along this journey.

Love and hugs..Hannah:)

Favorite workout clothing SALE…I’ve got you!

I’m picky about my yoga pants and bras. Just am. This is an area I like to spend a pretty penny on, because it last. I wore them all through my pregnancy and now during breastfeeding. Comfy, yet covered;)

Black M high neck tank top bra. Lined or not.

This company reached out to me a while ago about being a ambassador and I have loved getting their product. Every purchase goes towards a very needed outreach and the clothing is made out of recycled material. Bonus!

Today is their third anniversary and they are gifting big my friend. 50% off site wide. Yes please. my favorite products have been the bras because my pants size has changed little in the past year… prego status does that:) so I waited to get more to try until I know for sure what size to get, and I’m excited!

Family VLOG is happening…

Since I’m not posting much to social media I am joining most of our daily clips I take into vlogs on the YouTubes. Subscribe to our channel to get notifications when I upload new ones!!

I’m sure we aren’t the only ones who got loads of snow and ice this past week. What the winter right?! It was freezing. But we powered through a few moments to take the kids out to play. It was pretty fun.

Cleansing Trio Challenge Week one Review. (Video)

Each time I have had a baby, postpartum hits me pretty hard hormone and gut wise. I really like how i feel after doing some sort of cleanse, but with nursing full-time not eating is not a great idea. So knowing that young living has natural therapeutic grade supplements that have ionic minerals in them which make them absorb the proper way in your system, I was excited to try their cleaning collection to just go along with my normal diet to add some good internal cleaning.

My Sweet hubs is always up for a good cleanse so he is on board too. I have a few team members and friends tagging along as well, so that’s why I’m documenting the process.

Monday marked the first week complete(late posting;). Thad and i had similar reactions, but a few different experiences detox wise. Watch the video below to know our thoughts! you can get these supplements separate or in the collection. Go to my Oils page to sign up or make an order…:)


ComforTone® provides a combination of natural herbs and essential oils that may support digestive health and wellness.*


ICP™ helps keep your colon clean with an advanced mix of fibers that scour out residues.* A healthy digestive system is important for the proper functioning of all other systems because it absorbs nutrients that are used throughout the body. ICP provides ingredients such as psyllium, oat bran, and flax and fennel seeds to form a combination of soluble and insoluble fibers. Enhanced with a special blend of essential oils, the fibers work to decrease the buildup of wastes, improve nutrient absorption, and help maintain a healthy heart.* ICP provides 2 grams of dietary fiber, 1 gram of soluble fiber, and 1 gram of insoluble fiber per serving.


Essentialzyme™ is a bilayered, multienzyme complex caplet specially formulated to support and balance digestive health and to stimulate overall enzyme activity to combat the modern diet. Essentialzyme contains Tarragon, Peppermint, Anise, Fennel, and Clove essential oils to improve overall enzyme activity and support healthy pancreatic function.

So far i am really enjoying how i feel, and it has actually helped increase my milk supply. Which I was shocked by, honestly. i am about to have intense dental surgery where i can’t nurse Beckam for at least two days to get the medicine out of my system, so stocking up on my milk supply will be a must. So the supplements have been a surprising help in that area.

I will post about all things i am doing to recover from my dental work, because its going to be a doozy lol. pregnancy killed my teeth friends. But hopefully I’m on the mend to having a pain free mouth.

A Day in my Life! New Youtube Video

Friends! I am not really posting on social media anymore because of how insecure the apps are on my phone, so I am really trying to make more youtube videos of our everyday…

A blog post is coming soon to give a BIG Announcement! We have been quiet because of waiting for contracts to be closed(hint), but I’m so excited for our family’s next adventure and ready to take you along with us! What a crazy God story do I have for you:)

Subscribe to our Youtube channel to follow along!!

Love and Hugs… Hannah

Seven must have morning mommy and me vitamin routine!

Starting the day off by waking up your liver and flush out bacteria with an 8oz glass of water with one drop of lemon #essentialoil. This is such a good habit for you and your babies.
For at least 2 of your 4, 20oz water intake throughout the day, add 2 squeezes of #youngliving electrolyte drops to promote energy and proper hydration! My kids love it when I add one squeeze to their sippy cup!
Sulfurzyme is amazing for circulation, skin, hair and nails, and inflammation. Soo good for mama with all the hormone flip flops and perfect for babies when going through grow spurts. I add 1/2 teaspoon to one of the electrolyte drinks throughout the day.
And enzyme multivitamin for everyone. A little easier to chew and they are yummy. Enzymes should be a staple vitamin for the whole crew because it helps break down any kind of bacteria or toxin from food that our body doesn’t like. That helps reduce allergic reactions.
This one is for nursing mama! It goes to mom and baby through breastfeeding. I’ve noticed a huge difference in my milk supply and baby’s digestion when I’m taking super B. So good for energy and circulation with turmeric coated tablets. Love this stuff.
Dissolve vitamin C tablets absorb in your system way faster then gummies. Less sugar too. This cherry flavor is our favorite because it’s a little sour. You can find these on my Amazon list page and all the other vitamins in the brand. Very affordable and the best kind of vitamin you can take.
This is for mama only…if you have a period, you have been pregnant, you are breastfeeding, YOU need this in your life. Iodine should be a stable supplement for us women. We are always loosing iron in some way. This is the most looked over. I notice a huge difference in my cycle regulation, symptoms, hair loss and mood changes when I’m taking this. Thyroid health is very important for us ladies and can be the answer to a lot of hormone imbalance problems.

Starting each day with supplements for everyone makes each day better in so many ways. Staying well from the inside out can happen for every age! These are just some simple staples for us with added ones here and there.

Maybe this can be helpful for you and your list!

Love and hugs…Han

A Baking Day With Toddlers… Recipes included

New youtube video of a true view of what it looks like When i have the kids help me with baking for the week. Also, I try to make extra all on one day so that I can have easy access to the good basics like, bread, broth, and healthy snacks.

Recipes are in the video and I will post some of my favorite things I use, ingredient wise and tools!

Love and hugs, Hannah✨

Chicken Salad of Champs

I have been making big amounts of chicken breast and thighs in my instant pot on Sundays to make it easy to have quick meals with good protein. My favorite has been chicken salad…so good.

The whole fam looooves it and it last a good two or three lunches. If you haven’t made chicken salad with REAL chicken, you are missing out.

I like to kill two birds with one stone by adding 3 breast and 6 thighs to my broth recipe, so i also have stock for the week as well.

I take those thighs and use them for the salad, and store the rest!

Chicken Salad Recipe

  • 6 cooked and chopped chicken thighs
  • 1 cup Sliced grapes
  • 1/2 cup chopped pecans
  • 1/2 cup sweet relish
  • 1 cup sour cream
  • 1 cup mayo
  • 1 tablespoon brown sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon garlic and onion powder
  • salt and pepper to taste

Mix all together and enjoy with homemade bread, crackers or a lettuce leaf, like Riv here:)

Yum yum.


Baby Beckam is Here. A very ‘2020’ Birth story. {Video}

I had a feeling that this guy would come sooner just by how low he was at 37 weeks.

At the end of week 38 I felt a shift and didn’t feel myself. Even Thad noticed a change and setup for the kids to go spend a few days with his parents while he was working. It started to sink in that Saturday…this might be it. I called my mom and let her know that i had consistent contractions and she started her 4 hour drive down here. My naturopath/friend came down the next day just in case as well. Little did we know that my body was going to slowly dilate and contract for the next. 8. Days.

Sunday night:

I was done. I was a week in with consistent mild contractions that would go from every 15 minutes to every 3 minutes through the whole day, and by about 3am i would give up and go to sleep. Everyday I could feel him getting lower and lower…just not coming all the way out. Ugh. I felt like i had let everyone down and cried wolf too many times, i missed my kids and I was a tad frustrated Thad couldn’t share the discomfort(hormones). So I just decided to move on and act like it was just a normal day, cleaned the baseboards, wiped down my cabinets(totally normal behavior), saw my babies and spent an evening out….but still had contractions up until 4am again. Cool.

Monday-Due Date Day:

knowing i carried Mary another two weeks at this point, I mentally prepared myself that today would be just another day. I told my midwife that if anything changed i would call her. Besides my water leaking a little more then the other days i still couldn’t tell if it actually broke so I didn’t really pay attention to it because my contractions were still about the same. Everyone was really chill and my mom and sister had come up a day before, and they had to leave by Tuesday if nothing happened but reassured me they could come back. My Naturopath friend had been there the whole time so i had someone with me when Thad was at work. Thankfully Monday was his day off because none of us knew how quickly things were about change.


Thad mentioned getting dinner and we needed a few things at the store which i was about to tag along… but then had stronger contraction and decided to stay home just in case. After a few minutes of deciding who was going, mom and Thad left to run the quick errand.

I wanted to watch a movie so Joyce, Micah and I got a cozy setup in my room trying to find something to watch. I still was not convinced i could be in labor.


Thad calls me and wants to know what i want to eat. (I didn’t know until later but he and mom drove for 10 minutes in the wrong direction to get the food and was hoping I didn’t notice he was just then asking for food orders when they had already been gone for 30 minutes) I had my first contraction I couldn’t talk through and handed the phone to Joyce. Thad still not picking up on that maybe he should hurry back.

Just when i caught my breath to say “ok that was long and different”- I had another one. Then another one. I started moaning really low and focused on breathing the whole time. Definitely different. At this point our movie had only been on for 5 minutes and I instantly needed to go get under water so i could get a break with these contractions. I tried to stand up and i would have another one. Geez. So i did the next best thing and started crawling to the bathroom on all fours. Joyce looks at my sister and says- CALL YOUR MOM! I honestly don’t know how i did this but i got my clothes off and my music on my phone to concentrate and got in the bath with the water running all while having intense contractions at the same time. These were lasting 2 minutes. Also this would have been a spot where i should have called the midwife but it completely slipped my mind because all i could think at that moment was “ Where in the heck is my HUSBAND” . Not realizing that i was definitely in transition.

{This part of the story was told to me after as well.} At this time Joyce and my sister texted mom and said ‘you might want to come home now’ and ‘she’s in the bath now’ and ‘she’s asking for thad!’ . Mom knew from the text i had switched gears and she moved into fast mode without trying to alarm Thad but was trying to hint to him he should probably hurry getting the food. My sweet chill hubbs was not picking up on her body language. When they received the food she started running to the car….sped back to our house and ran into the house leaving Thad with the food and came straight to me.

10 minutes after they got there i started pushing, and Thad came in doing exactly what i needed to stay calm. Encouraging me that we were so close to meeting our baby. This is the moment that I always look forward to in birth because its like no one else is there and we are in our own world completing this beautiful marathon we started together. We get closer each time.

I had pushed a few times and he wasn’t coming all the way down. i looked up and said ‘i think i need to move’ had a quick break, Thad and mom helped me out of the tub to go to the bed… but as soon as i took a step, he Dropped! I guess my body went into ejection mode and all it took was me changing the gravity. I went to my knees, and tried to catch up with my body because he was coming out! This was the part when i said ‘I can’t do it’ … which my mom answered with ‘you are about to see your baby if you think that, and you can do it!’ Truth from a woman who had done this 13 times. I’m pretty sure after the ring of fire it was one huge push and he literally fell out into my hands, Joyce, and moms with Thad holding me up. Wow.


Beckham Jack Limke came out, Sunnyside up(posterior) wide eyed, screaming and looking for food. I still can’t believe it happened the way it did. We all laughed an cried right there in the bathroom doorway, pretty much in shock. Joyce said “Well that just happened!”

Midwifes got there right after and helped with a few stitches and did all the things with me and baby to check us over. So peaceful and perfect.

The night consisted of me finding out all the behind the scene stories and enjoyed my burger that was almost left at the shop apparently.

Forever grateful for everyone that played a very crucial part in this crazy amazing event.

And so so proud of myself for wanting to fight for yet again another vaginal birth after i was told it shouldn’t be done due to my size and having had a csection. With tons of research, bodywork, emotional work, prayer, nutrition….we made it. Thank you Father.

Enjoy this video that has lots of beautiful pictures my sister, Micah was able to catch in the short time we had.

~XO Han

Staying Hydrated with a little extra Help!

Guys I am horrible at drinking enough water to stay hydrated. I’m sure I am not alone. I also tend to constantly need extra electrolytes when it comes to Pregnancy and Nursing.

So I started Researching.

I found that proper minerals, vitamin C and coconut Water seemed to help with keeping up the hydration without feeling like I had to guzzle so much water.

Right now I am prepping to breastfeed again with my 3rd baby that is due any day. And I am so excited to have found GreaterThan sports drink. it says sports because its amazing for working out. But I found it based off of increasing milk supply…yes please.

Get out of THEIR Head. Mental Wellness. (Video)

Hello Tuesday and Hello new thoughts.

Im starting a new series of bringing real mental struggles to light in order to live your best life. I’ve been on this journey of loving what “Hannah” can bring to the table instead of getting caught up in trying to appear a certain way to others. *wrong. No fulfilling growth comes from trying to be someone you think other people will gravitate towards.

Jesus was a person that did his OWN thing to a T. And he didn’t care how off the wall he looked to the point of having someone touch his robe and they were healed from years of pain. What an example.

I hope this encourages you and hey, you got this.

~XO Han

Here are Some ideas for journal ideas I mentioned in the video.

Youngliving Supplements Video!

New YouTube video is live. Talking all about the supplements we use daily and why we love them!!

Hope you enjoy!

XO Han!

Stepping into F A L L…

Who is jumping at the chance to get into all the fall things….ME! I’m so excited to be in Texas this fall because it actually is a season here instead of western Oklahoma where it goes from summer, few days of fall and then bam- Winter. 🙁 Killed my pumpkin, baking, pinecones, and cinnamon vibes.

One thing I love about fall is all the smells. Since we don’t use candles we go to diffusing oils all day everyday. so much better for you and tons of options. Check out these recipes.

Sooo Fun for just an everyday or to have MakeNTake party Ideas!


Addictive Veggie Stock

Coming at you with another recipe I am putting in my Favorite list.

If you love pho, ramen or miso soup..this will be your jam.

I know you are wondering “where’s the meat?” Because aren’t you supposed to get really good collagen and fats from the bones and meat?

Yes that’s true, but if you are already taking collagen supplements you are covered with that plus more because you really don’t absorb as much as you would think from the bones.

but what I can tell you is that what you will get instead from all these veggies is mind blowing. Check out the nutrients from each ingredient I put in this broth..

3 organic Leaks= folate, reduces inflammation, decreases risk of chronic illness, natural antioxidant, vitamins, minerals.

4 organic Mushrooms= lowers cholesterol, prevents osteoporosis and arthritis, prevents anemia, protects hair and nails and teeth, good for bone minerals and density, regulates insulin levels, lower blood pressure.

3 Organic sweet Onions= high antioxidants, high in sulfur, amino acids, strengthens your immune system, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, relaxes your arteries, helps build strong blood vessels, regulate blood sugar, detoxifying.

4 Organic Basil Leaves= high in antioxidants, antiviral, heart health, aphrodisiac, regulates liver, stress reliever, anti-inflammatroy, fights bacteria.

2 tablespoons liquid Aminos= GF, NON GMO, vegan, high in protein, muscle growth, 16 essential/ non essential amino acids, improves exercise performance , lowers risk of cancer, helps with fat loss, helps heart health and osteoporosis, reduces hot flashes.

5 Organic Garlic Cloves= relief from acne and asthma, helpful in healthy digestion, useful for curing ear aches, aids in eye infections, helps cure hypertension, lowers cholesterol, helps treat cough and colds, intestinal relief.

2 Organic Sage leaves= boost cognitive function, manage blood sugar levels, weight management, promotes oral health, manage too smooth stools, helps relive hot flashes.

8oz of Grass-fed Butter= contains CLA conjugated linoleic acid which reduces belly fat, protects against cancer, supports muscle growth, has vitamin A which helps thyroid, heart health, adrenals. butyrate fatty acid source for reducing inflammation. Vitamin D&K2 helps increase bone density. Contains omega3 Fatty acids. magnesium, zinc, copper, iodine, lecithin, seleium.

4 Organic Radishes= Vitamins E, A, C, B6, and K. high in antioxidants, fiber, zinc, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, copper, calcium, iron.

Pink Mineral Salt to taste= Contains 84 essential minerals, healthy blood sugar, better sleep, detoxifier, lowers blood sugar, healthy pH levels, healthy respiratory system and sinuses, boost bone strength and prevents muscle cramps.

Pretty amazing right? After feeling so good when I drank this off and on for several days I started to research what I was consuming from each ingredient. Mind blown. If you are a fan of fasting or cleansing, this would be an amazing staple for you.

I cut up all this goodness and put it in my instant pot, and push the Soup/Broth button. I let it sauté for about 10 minutes before adding the water. Add water to the max fill line, secure the lid and just let it do its thing(boils for about 30-40 minutes). When its completely done and the pressure goes down completely, get a large mesh strainer over a big bowel or pot and strain out the veggies into the other pot/bowel.

After its all strained, I pour it back into the instant pot and just leave it on the warm for the rest of the day. If you are like me you will just drink it all through the day…its that good. But to let it stretch farther, just put it in a jar and store in the fridge until you need to use for soups, sick days, different recipes that call for stock. It’s wonderful.

I’m a broth loving gal, especially homemade broth. I hope you enjoy this recipe and love your life when you join the broth making fam:)

XO Han

New Youtube Video ! Fasting 101

Beyond Your Starter Kit…

Hey there time for more oil education!

have you been one of those people who signed up, got your kit, then thought…what now?

Well so was I and I want to help you out with some fun pictures and cool product info you probably didn’t even know about:)


I hope this helped you know that there is soooo much more beyond your PSK after signing up. I didn’t even know how much more there was until after being a member for 4 years….crazy right?

XO, Han

Personal Testimony: Realizing the Toxic Emotions I had stored Causing Physical Pain. (Video)

I did a lot of emotional work after choosing to have a vbac at home last year when it wasn’t a popular opinion by my surroundings. Thank fully I crossed paths with a naturopathic friend that introduced me to a whole new way of living. Living free of toxic emotions. That’s a whole story in itself and I will tell it one day too, but I have just had another resent experience that caught me off guard and wanted to share. I mainly recorded this so I could go back and see what happened and how I overcame this hurdle, to remind myself I could do it again if I found myself in another hard place. This is my experience and I hope this video brings some comfort to you if you are going through something similar.

blessings, Hannah:)

Kids and Oils (class)

With the discounted kids oil collection going on right now I thought it would be appropriate to share some cool research about how to use oils with babies and kiddos. Such helpful information for a mama wanting to take care of her babes:)

Welcome to “The Easy Guide to Oily Kids & Babies” I’m so excited to give you some tips and recipes on using oils with the smallest littles in your families. 

To things you’ll hear again and again…. Use your instincts! And DILUTE!  Remember those two and you’ve got a great start. But also a fun thing to remember is that the Kid Scents Oil Line is Pre-Diluted…Thank you YoungLiving.

Before I dive into it I wanted to give you a quick outline of how this will go down. Grab a pen & notepad and jot this down, leaving yourself some space between topics. 

First I will go over oil safety and why you need to be choosing high quality oils.  Then I will talk about  how to use them, where to use them, how much to use, diffuser care, recipes, my fave resource!

So let’s get to it! 

Oil Safety: So all of you already know that I obviously love me some plant juice and Young Living (if it’s not obvious than I guess I’m not as annoying as I thought). But  there is a reason for that, and it’s not just because they pay me to have fun. Its because with Young Living I know exactly what i’m getting with ANYTHING that I purchase from them. I know that it’s safe, where it came from, what’s REALLY in it and how its made. I can’t say that for the oils that  I used to buy from the health store. Another thing that I can’t get from anywhere, resources, community. 


The information contained on this class is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  The information represents what I, an Independent Distributor of Young Living Essential Oils, have chosen to do to take charge of my own personal health and that of my family.  Statements on this class have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Products on this site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If your furbaby is pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or has a medical condition, consult your vet before using these products.

Information found on in this class is meant for educational and informational purposes only, and to motivate you to make your own health care and dietary decisions based upon your own research and in partnership with your healthcare provider. It should not be relied upon to determine dietary changes, a medical diagnosis or courses of treatment.

There are 3 ways you can use Young Living’s essential oils; aromatically, topically, and internally. In this class we will specifically be focusing on topically (making rollers and applying them on the skin) But any of the blends in our recipes section can be diffused as well! (We will not be talking about internal use of oils)

Aromatic use of the EOs includes inhaling them directly from the bottle or using a cold mist diffuser (we use a cold mist diffuser because a cold air diffuser does not harm the molecules, while heat may change the chemical structure of the molecules, making the therapeutic and healing properties ineffective)  Real quick… Here are a few tips on diffuser care! Wipe out with a clean dry cloth after each use, if it gets gunky put a drop of lemon in the bottom, let it sit for a few and then wipe clean. But also don’t loose sleep if you don’t clean it everyday;)

Topical use can include a variety of modes of use… but in general it is the actual application of the EO on your skin(use of a carrier oil is recommended for new users and kiddos) EOs can also be used with lotion after a bath, in massage and in a convenient roller.

Where to use:
I put oils all over our body. I make rollers and put them on that way (easy for on the go), I put a couple drops on the crown of our head, I put them on our feet (Vita Flex points), our spine, in out baths and even where exactly needed at times (Tummygize around the belly button). 

You always need to use your best parent judgment. Many choose to start by diffusing a drop or two around their kiddos to get them used to the aromatics. When you’re ready to start using oils topically, here’s what is generally regarded as safe ratios.

Babies- HEAVILY dilute if using stronger oils. Their skin is much thinner and more delicate than adults and even small children some oils may feel “hot” to them and make them uncomfortable.  Their little bodies are so fresh and new we have to take extra precautions.  The recipes you’ll see ahead are made in 10ml rollers. In general, these rollers hold somewhere around 200 drops. Each baby-specific recipe has round 2-8 drops of Essential Oil and you can fill the rest of the 10ml roller with a carrier oil (a fatty oil like Avocado or Young Living’s V-6 blend) But also know if it does get too hot for them, don’t panic, apply more carrier oil until its obvious they are comfortable again. It won’t hurt them.

***As your baby grows and gets used to regular oil usage you can slowly lessen the dilution***

Toddlers and Young Children– Dilute all oils for toddlers and young children. When in doubt, mix a 1:30 blend. So that would be 1 drop of essential oil and 30 drops carrier. 

Pre-Teens and Teens- Dilution is still important with pre-teens and teens. As their bodies get used to more and more oil exposure, dilution ratios can change. Use your parental instincts and also use this age to talk with your kids about their oily routines too!

Same thing goes for us adults too! I never recommend to come out of the gates swinging. I ALWAYS tell new members to start LOW and SLOW. Meaning use 1-2 drops of a single oil in your diffuser for 10-15 minutes and see how you feel. You can always add more later, although I never recommend adding more than 5 drops to your diffuser, you just don’t need that much because they are so concentrated and so powerful. Also our bodies are full of crud so we may go through a detoxing process. The amount of drops you are using and cut diffuser time.

We live in a world where if a LITTLE is good than A LOT must be GREAT! That is not always the case and also true with essential oils, especially Young Living’s oils. A little bit really does go a long way, especially with little ones. I myself never use more than 4 drops topically. It’s just not needed. Now if I make a roller I may add more than 4 drops. Always use your best judgement when using essential oils. Like I said before you know yourself and your kiddos better than anyone, trust your mama gut.

Oils to avoid with babies

There are some oils that should be avoided for various age groups. Guidelines are according to Debra Raybern’s Gentle Babies book:

Babies (day one to 2 years old)

Oils to be cautious with:


If they are in blend though, I wouldn’t worry as much those. My 15 month old had a jungle infection and I did use a drop of basil with tons of coconut oil and a little bit of lavender lotion to fight away the infection. I didn’t notice it bothering him.

***Be cautious wearing these oils around newborns and young children. Their skin and respiratory systems are much more sensitive than any other age group of children***

Just remember mama.. Use your instincts and always – When in doubt, dilute Dilute DILUTE:)

Now as promised, RECIPES! In the pics below you’ll get a bunch of great recipes for babies and kiddos. Keep in mind the recommended dilution ratio from before.

The recipes you’ll see ahead are made in 10ml rollers. In general, these rollers hold somewhere around 200 drops. Each baby-specific recipe has round 2-8 drops of Essential Oil and you can fill the rest of the 10ml roller with a carrier oil (a fatty oil like Avocado or Young Living’s V-6 blend) 

***As your baby grows and gets used to regular oil usage you can slowly lessen the dilution***

2-5 years use a ratio of 1 drop Essential Oil to 30 drops Carrier

Above 5 You can do closer to 1 to 10 

Always dilute more when you’re unsure or just starting to use oils in your home:)

There are a lot of great resources out there for using oils – here are some of my favorites for using oils with kiddos and babies!

Gentle Babies by Debra Raybern: -Great stuff for mama with pregnancy and labor too:)

The infamous Lucy Libido also came out with a babies book too!

Essential Oil Desk Reference or the Essential Oil Pocket Reference. 


Thank you so much for joining me to learn more about using oils with your kiddos:) I hope you learned a few new takeaways to enhance your family’s wellness journey!

If you are not a Young Living member yet, the most common way people get started on their wellness journey is by becoming a little more informed with the company and community. You can learn more about those options here on my young living page

Or if you already know what you want – get started here friend!

Love and Hugs, Hannah:)

Elevate your Wellness class(Video)

Wanting to know more about what and how the supplements from YoungLiving work? This is a very elaborate source of information all wrapped up in a 38 min video/PowerPoint explaining all your little heart will want to know!

**Comment Below Something you learned from the class to Enter into my Giveaway. I’ll announce winner on May 1st**


Go to “ My YoungLiving team” Page up top get a hold of those products and more.

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Let’s Talk Hair.

I love all things hair and beauty. Simple methods but definitely enjoy it. My hair has gone through TONS of changes in the past ten years. From late teenage puberty in my 20s to pregnancy and postpartum two years in a row:)

junior in high school hair…i straightened it a lot
dating days hair. fried the daylights out of it

I really try to not use toxic chemicals on my hair, but lets be honest…coming out of the shower with tropical smelling hair makes you feel pretty. And unfortunately my hair got the brunt of me wanting to feel pretty. Because guess what…the tropical smell is just a cover up to all the junk you are putting on your scalp. It will go through the bad detox cycle: 1st week>smells great, looks shiny, styles great. 2nd week>smells great, tends to get oily really fast, styles ok directly after washing it. 3rd week and new normal>smells good, gets oiling, dandruff builds, styles pretty good sometimes. And then que getting a different brand and the cycle starts over. 

first pregnancy hair. still kinda fried.
Second pregnancy hair. getting my curls back

The fact is, your hair is a living thing. It is attached to your head, which holds your brain and whatever is close to the brain either healthy or not…effects your WHOLE body. #truth. That was a wake up for me. But to not have a total break down in starting something completely new, you take

I have struggled with some weird hair loss so that’s what I started with. Researching everything that “naturally” helps healthy hair growth. I threw out all the chemical stuff I used and started from scratch. It’s an adventure, I wont lie but the thing that helped me was to establish with myself that my hair did not define me. First thing. What helped me with that was cutting it completely off. For some reason a confidence that I never had came over me and my hair no longer determined if I was having a good day or not. No joke. 

postpartum hair chop. The beginning of hair restoration

So very little hair to style and that left me with not needing gel or moose and that led to being able to use more heat because it was faster….but more heat meant~ very evident thinning spots.~ Back to the growth path again. When you cut your hair to the scalp almost, you are giving your hair a chance to rebirth. I was happy about that because that meant that everything would grow more together. This has been a fun process since October 2019. And after different recipes and products and trial and error…I have my consistent results of what works:

Right picture- October 2019. Left picture – January 2020 after doing my new method for 2 weeks

This was my method: Spray on tonic before bed and before shower. Spray at roots and run through to the ends with fingers. Wash hair with shampoo and conditioner every three days. When styling I use both oil and gel when making it curly, but for straight, I just use a tad of oil. It’s that easy.

This was March 2020. Bald spots are completely gone with tons of new hair growth. super healthy and growing

As far as products go it does look like a lot… but they will last forever. I haven’t had to replace any of them except the shampoo+conditioner and Mirah Oil since December. You can keep making the tonic until you run out. I love how my hair is and even when I dye it its not a crucial cycle of getting it healthy again. Like I said, it is a cycle and it might get a tad ugly before it becomes amazing, so hold on and embrace the process.

This is my hair story and maybe you have one too, but your still looking for a better ending:) Maybe this is just what you needed…

XO~ Han.

Fear: The Most Contagious Illness

I am the kind of person that if I start thinking about the “what ifs” of situations I can’t see an ending result, I go down a windy road of wanting to lock myself in a closet with an abundance of caramels and coffee and the song “don’t dream its over” by Crowded House on a loop. I’m not alone I’m sure… All my fellow 2’s(enegram) out there said Amen:)

This virus and world wide panic is scary. No question. I’ve got kids and I have family all over in every age range so the thought of any of them getting this thing does cross my mind. ~Que. the caramel closet~. But watching the panic and over buying of toilet paper and wipes, not to mention the hit businesses are taking with the lack of people flow….it makes you think you need to worry too. Boom. There it is, the fearful ‘what if and ‘what do I do creeps in and you’ve caught the bug. You’re afraid.

Photo by Eternal Happiness on

And that my friends is exactly what the enemy wants. He is overcome with joy when fear becomes a trend. TRUTH BOMB. He is having a hay day folks. No i’m not saying to ignore the caution and not wash your hands when you get back from the store( do that always). I’m talking, Change of mindset. A confident, satan butt kicking Mindset.

This crisis got me thinking that this applies to everything, everyday life. Not just when the world feels like it’s going to end. When going back to Gods word I am reminded again and again that He always has his kiddos in mind especially when we walk in love and truth. Of course he wants us to be aware and take care of the vessel he gave us called our bodies. But He wants us to always lead with our heart in fully trusting his outcome no matter the tribulations.

Photo by Kaique Rocha on

PERSONAL TESTIMONY: Last week my mind started to drift off into the unknown thoughts and worries, and It started to affect my sleep. I could not get my brain to shut up! And not sleeping with 2 kids under 2 to keep up with during the day, ain’t that peachy. I finally went to my husband broken down with what I was feeling, sobbing, worried, upset, all at once-poor Thad- and he just held me and said “who DOESN’T worry about this stuff?” I looked at him thinking he was about to say him, but glad I held a response. ” Jesus doesn’t worry about those things, but he does think about you, all the time. When you get woken up again and the thoughts start pouring in, say his name, say what’s true; things like Jesus I’m so glad you love me and you take care of me. I put my trust in you, and anything that brings worry or frustration to my mind isn’t from you. I love you.” …And que. happy tears. Ugh why does he always know what to say.

Photo by Pixabay on

You would think that something that simple would work….But It did. The moment I started praising His name in the middle of the night, I was overcome with peace. Why do we think we need to go and sing every worship song or read Revelations to rid our minds from freaking out. I’m pretty sure us humans come up with the most drawn out and exhausting solutions sometimes! We really do, lol, me and my closet hiding self included:)

And that’s my little spill for the week and hope this encourages someone who maybe needed to know there is a spiritual cheerleader in your corner. And you can take my motto Ive been standing by in this season~ Oil up, Let God, And Push On:)

XO~ Han

Family Day, Cranky Kid, 3rd Anniversary.

In the midst of all this change, we are still trying to take time to do fun things as a family so we can stay happy and upbeat. I have realized that when planning fun things with a 2 year old can have the most bipolar outcome. We went to a nature park with all kinds of animals and got to drive the tour ourselves…so cool. River was the main person we were expecting to get the best kick out of it. Unfortunately he didn’t take his nap the whole 2 hours there and by the time we got to the tour—Total cranker pot. We had moments of “ooo, wow!” and then moments of “noooo, mine, I want paci, nooo!” His 9 month old sister showed him up big time-Chill as a Cucumber. River ended up pant-less, shoeless and asleep on my lap at the end of the tour, and Mary had no idea what was happening but the adults got kick of feeding a bunch of deer and rams.

My hubby’s new job is a different schedule than his old one which means I play solo a lot more. So going on spontaneous zoo trips(despite the cranky travelers) and olive garden dinner dates every two weeks to celebrate special days has just been our norm right now and it’s ok. Taking it a day at a time. I will say though, I’m kinda feeling the “full to the top” with moving, job change, taxes, house on market and closing, hubs birthday, 3 year anniversary, all happening in the very first two months Of. The. Year. Holy mama!

Thank goodness for cameras on our phones so memories pop up a year from now, and I just see how little my babies were and how cute they looked feeding a giraffe or a face covered in food. Not how chaotic the time period it was taken at.

I am so grateful that 3 years ago, I said I do to a man that literally fell from the sky(not really, but timing wise of me deciding to stay single forever, that’s how it felt) and was everything I didn’t know I needed. This beautiful life we have created together goes passed all that I could have dreamed of. I’m so glad he didn’t get scared off from this homeschool girl with bad highlights, and the fact that we still say hi to each other in a group of people like we are meeting for the first time means we are doing alright; Right?!

~XO Han:)