I’m ALIVE! Updates||New video series!

Life has been CRAY my friends! but good things are happening and I’m getting back into posting and putting things together for homestyle with Hannah workshops for my people!! I am so excited.

update on the personal- my health was just not consistent and i started searching for other wellness products to get back to feeling at my best. And cool thing is i walked into an amazing opportunity that has opened up a new source of income plus sustaining wellness products. More details on that in a later post #socialsellingboss

So the thing that brings me so much joy is encouraging people to be confident in the home, the kitchen, as a wife, as a mom and as small biz owner. So to get this community going… I am doing a morning Coffee and Confidence devotion!! I will do it in a Zoom meeting at 8am CT. And then upload it to YouTube for those who don’t make it! All the details will be on the Homestylewithhannah FB group.

After the first week of doing these morning meetings i will start doing polls to see what else you guys would want me to touch on. i cant wait to cover lots of categories|| marriage, cooking, being health conscious, parenting, body image, business, entrepreneurship||. LOTS of things my friends:)) until tomorrow….

XO Han

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