Update|| Whats going on and whats to come…

Hey hey everybody… long time no see!

So its been an eventful two months since i updated you all on our life going mobile. Let me tell you its been a blast. I couldn’t pick which pics to share so i just added them all lol. #itsfine

So…what’s up with the Limke’s:

—blog name change for my new business launching mid summer/fall.#doalittledance

—i have been asked to tour with a band couple and that has given all our travel destinations so far up until October. What the what! #Godisfaithful

—Thad has been helping me come up with all the fun ideas and my filming partner for the new business. It’s been super fun. #teamwork

—and we are just living in the moment together.!

Not only has our faith in God grown, but our faith and love in each other has been amazing to watch. We are at the point where the things we have asked for or maybe thought about has just kinda shown up. #socool

There have been times of MAJOR growth in 200sq foot of living space. Ha. But in the end we honestly wouldn’t trade this season for anything.

The minimal lifestyle has been a blessing. We have gotten super used to living on so little. It honestly will be a huge adjustment when(if) we settle down again.

We have even been able to do what Thad has longed for, which is ministering to the lost and broken. Almost every stop we have made, Thad has either prayed or connected in some way with someone. I just love seeing him light up when he gets to do the Lords work. #blessedbeyond

Well that’s the latest my friends….

XO Han

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