Our house sold in ONE DAY! New Adventures begin.

Well what a month. I can finally spill all the deets on what our fam has been up to and about to do. January we felt led to put our house on the market because Thad and I felt a huge nudge to get our family on the road to fully do what we feel called to do. Spread the love to all sorts of people all over while showing our kids the world.

So day one of our house being for sale comes and we have 6 showings scheduled before noon that day. Crazy good start. By 3pm we have two offers, one full price. By 9am the next day we say yes to an offer and start the buying process. Wow. If I’m being honest, I was needing some sort of sign that we were hearing right from God and not making a huge mistake, and boy what a sign was this.

On February 24th we said goodbye to our first home we bought with cash, survived the 2020 changes, and welcomed our third baby. It was sad but exciting. We loved this little house and it showed us that we like living minimal and long for discovering a new place to take our kiddos.

We have sold everything and downsized quite a lot so we can take this crew on the road with our home! We are still looking for what that will be, tiny home, camper, converted bus, or RV…waiting for the right thing to fall in place perfect for us.

God has definitely been showing off with his goodness and we tend to keep listening for the next step. I can’t wait to take you along this journey.

Love and hugs..Hannah:)

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  1. This sounds 100% like what another friend and family did 2 years ago! They have 5 kids and lived in hotels. It was so fun to hear what God was doing and how he provided so immensely! Good luck! Cant wait to hear more.

  2. Wow girl that’s incredible! I can’t wait to see your amazing journey unfold

  3. I’m so excited for you guys!! You need to get on the road and head northeast. ❤️

  4. Hey there Hannah and Thad and all the little Limke’s 😎😎
    Sounds like y’all are getting going seeing and doing!!
    But whatever you find yourselves about—Keep
    Jesus Christ first “and in all Thy ways, acknowledge
    Him and He shall direct thy paths”
    Love and prayers for y’all

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