Seven must have morning mommy and me vitamin routine!

Starting the day off by waking up your liver and flush out bacteria with an 8oz glass of water with one drop of lemon #essentialoil. This is such a good habit for you and your babies.
For at least 2 of your 4, 20oz water intake throughout the day, add 2 squeezes of #youngliving electrolyte drops to promote energy and proper hydration! My kids love it when I add one squeeze to their sippy cup!
Sulfurzyme is amazing for circulation, skin, hair and nails, and inflammation. Soo good for mama with all the hormone flip flops and perfect for babies when going through grow spurts. I add 1/2 teaspoon to one of the electrolyte drinks throughout the day.
And enzyme multivitamin for everyone. A little easier to chew and they are yummy. Enzymes should be a staple vitamin for the whole crew because it helps break down any kind of bacteria or toxin from food that our body doesn’t like. That helps reduce allergic reactions.
This one is for nursing mama! It goes to mom and baby through breastfeeding. I’ve noticed a huge difference in my milk supply and baby’s digestion when I’m taking super B. So good for energy and circulation with turmeric coated tablets. Love this stuff.
Dissolve vitamin C tablets absorb in your system way faster then gummies. Less sugar too. This cherry flavor is our favorite because it’s a little sour. You can find these on my Amazon list page and all the other vitamins in the brand. Very affordable and the best kind of vitamin you can take.
This is for mama only…if you have a period, you have been pregnant, you are breastfeeding, YOU need this in your life. Iodine should be a stable supplement for us women. We are always loosing iron in some way. This is the most looked over. I notice a huge difference in my cycle regulation, symptoms, hair loss and mood changes when I’m taking this. Thyroid health is very important for us ladies and can be the answer to a lot of hormone imbalance problems.

Starting each day with supplements for everyone makes each day better in so many ways. Staying well from the inside out can happen for every age! These are just some simple staples for us with added ones here and there.

Maybe this can be helpful for you and your list!

Love and hugs…Han

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