Baby Beckam is Here. A very ‘2020’ Birth story. {Video}

I had a feeling that this guy would come sooner just by how low he was at 37 weeks.

At the end of week 38 I felt a shift and didn’t feel myself. Even Thad noticed a change and setup for the kids to go spend a few days with his parents while he was working. It started to sink in that Saturday…this might be it. I called my mom and let her know that i had consistent contractions and she started her 4 hour drive down here. My naturopath/friend came down the next day just in case as well. Little did we know that my body was going to slowly dilate and contract for the next. 8. Days.

Sunday night:

I was done. I was a week in with consistent mild contractions that would go from every 15 minutes to every 3 minutes through the whole day, and by about 3am i would give up and go to sleep. Everyday I could feel him getting lower and lower…just not coming all the way out. Ugh. I felt like i had let everyone down and cried wolf too many times, i missed my kids and I was a tad frustrated Thad couldn’t share the discomfort(hormones). So I just decided to move on and act like it was just a normal day, cleaned the baseboards, wiped down my cabinets(totally normal behavior), saw my babies and spent an evening out….but still had contractions up until 4am again. Cool.

Monday-Due Date Day:

knowing i carried Mary another two weeks at this point, I mentally prepared myself that today would be just another day. I told my midwife that if anything changed i would call her. Besides my water leaking a little more then the other days i still couldn’t tell if it actually broke so I didn’t really pay attention to it because my contractions were still about the same. Everyone was really chill and my mom and sister had come up a day before, and they had to leave by Tuesday if nothing happened but reassured me they could come back. My Naturopath friend had been there the whole time so i had someone with me when Thad was at work. Thankfully Monday was his day off because none of us knew how quickly things were about change.


Thad mentioned getting dinner and we needed a few things at the store which i was about to tag along… but then had stronger contraction and decided to stay home just in case. After a few minutes of deciding who was going, mom and Thad left to run the quick errand.

I wanted to watch a movie so Joyce, Micah and I got a cozy setup in my room trying to find something to watch. I still was not convinced i could be in labor.


Thad calls me and wants to know what i want to eat. (I didn’t know until later but he and mom drove for 10 minutes in the wrong direction to get the food and was hoping I didn’t notice he was just then asking for food orders when they had already been gone for 30 minutes) I had my first contraction I couldn’t talk through and handed the phone to Joyce. Thad still not picking up on that maybe he should hurry back.

Just when i caught my breath to say “ok that was long and different”- I had another one. Then another one. I started moaning really low and focused on breathing the whole time. Definitely different. At this point our movie had only been on for 5 minutes and I instantly needed to go get under water so i could get a break with these contractions. I tried to stand up and i would have another one. Geez. So i did the next best thing and started crawling to the bathroom on all fours. Joyce looks at my sister and says- CALL YOUR MOM! I honestly don’t know how i did this but i got my clothes off and my music on my phone to concentrate and got in the bath with the water running all while having intense contractions at the same time. These were lasting 2 minutes. Also this would have been a spot where i should have called the midwife but it completely slipped my mind because all i could think at that moment was “ Where in the heck is my HUSBAND” . Not realizing that i was definitely in transition.

{This part of the story was told to me after as well.} At this time Joyce and my sister texted mom and said ‘you might want to come home now’ and ‘she’s in the bath now’ and ‘she’s asking for thad!’ . Mom knew from the text i had switched gears and she moved into fast mode without trying to alarm Thad but was trying to hint to him he should probably hurry getting the food. My sweet chill hubbs was not picking up on her body language. When they received the food she started running to the car….sped back to our house and ran into the house leaving Thad with the food and came straight to me.

10 minutes after they got there i started pushing, and Thad came in doing exactly what i needed to stay calm. Encouraging me that we were so close to meeting our baby. This is the moment that I always look forward to in birth because its like no one else is there and we are in our own world completing this beautiful marathon we started together. We get closer each time.

I had pushed a few times and he wasn’t coming all the way down. i looked up and said ‘i think i need to move’ had a quick break, Thad and mom helped me out of the tub to go to the bed… but as soon as i took a step, he Dropped! I guess my body went into ejection mode and all it took was me changing the gravity. I went to my knees, and tried to catch up with my body because he was coming out! This was the part when i said ‘I can’t do it’ … which my mom answered with ‘you are about to see your baby if you think that, and you can do it!’ Truth from a woman who had done this 13 times. I’m pretty sure after the ring of fire it was one huge push and he literally fell out into my hands, Joyce, and moms with Thad holding me up. Wow.


Beckham Jack Limke came out, Sunnyside up(posterior) wide eyed, screaming and looking for food. I still can’t believe it happened the way it did. We all laughed an cried right there in the bathroom doorway, pretty much in shock. Joyce said “Well that just happened!”

Midwifes got there right after and helped with a few stitches and did all the things with me and baby to check us over. So peaceful and perfect.

The night consisted of me finding out all the behind the scene stories and enjoyed my burger that was almost left at the shop apparently.

Forever grateful for everyone that played a very crucial part in this crazy amazing event.

And so so proud of myself for wanting to fight for yet again another vaginal birth after i was told it shouldn’t be done due to my size and having had a csection. With tons of research, bodywork, emotional work, prayer, nutrition….we made it. Thank you Father.

Enjoy this video that has lots of beautiful pictures my sister, Micah was able to catch in the short time we had.

~XO Han

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  1. Wow I never would have expected such a beautiful post about birth but this was absolutely amazing and so beautifully written. I literally couldn’t stop reading, I do hope you are your family are doing amazing. I was actually curious if you would be interested in writing a post about adopting a family for the holidays. Another blogger put together a wonderful post and im hoping to spread as much love and healing light towards this family to help them have an amazing Thanksgiving. Check out her article
    And let me know if you have any questions I would be happy to answer them. Look forward to collaborating on this amazing venture and hope your having an amazing night and relaxing 😀

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