Let’s Talk Hair.

I love all things hair and beauty. Simple methods but definitely enjoy it. My hair has gone through TONS of changes in the past ten years. From late teenage puberty in my 20s to pregnancy and postpartum two years in a row:)

junior in high school hair…i straightened it a lot
dating days hair. fried the daylights out of it

I really try to not use toxic chemicals on my hair, but lets be honest…coming out of the shower with tropical smelling hair makes you feel pretty. And unfortunately my hair got the brunt of me wanting to feel pretty. Because guess what…the tropical smell is just a cover up to all the junk you are putting on your scalp. It will go through the bad detox cycle: 1st week>smells great, looks shiny, styles great. 2nd week>smells great, tends to get oily really fast, styles ok directly after washing it. 3rd week and new normal>smells good, gets oiling, dandruff builds, styles pretty good sometimes. And then que getting a different brand and the cycle starts over. 

first pregnancy hair. still kinda fried.
Second pregnancy hair. getting my curls back

The fact is, your hair is a living thing. It is attached to your head, which holds your brain and whatever is close to the brain either healthy or not…effects your WHOLE body. #truth. That was a wake up for me. But to not have a total break down in starting something completely new, you take one.step.at.a.time.

I have struggled with some weird hair loss so that’s what I started with. Researching everything that “naturally” helps healthy hair growth. I threw out all the chemical stuff I used and started from scratch. It’s an adventure, I wont lie but the thing that helped me was to establish with myself that my hair did not define me. First thing. What helped me with that was cutting it completely off. For some reason a confidence that I never had came over me and my hair no longer determined if I was having a good day or not. No joke. 

postpartum hair chop. The beginning of hair restoration

So very little hair to style and that left me with not needing gel or moose and that led to being able to use more heat because it was faster….but more heat meant~ very evident thinning spots.~ Back to the growth path again. When you cut your hair to the scalp almost, you are giving your hair a chance to rebirth. I was happy about that because that meant that everything would grow more together. This has been a fun process since October 2019. And after different recipes and products and trial and error…I have my consistent results of what works:

Right picture- October 2019. Left picture – January 2020 after doing my new method for 2 weeks

This was my method: Spray on tonic before bed and before shower. Spray at roots and run through to the ends with fingers. Wash hair with shampoo and conditioner every three days. When styling I use both oil and gel when making it curly, but for straight, I just use a tad of oil. It’s that easy.

This was March 2020. Bald spots are completely gone with tons of new hair growth. super healthy and growing

As far as products go it does look like a lot… but they will last forever. I haven’t had to replace any of them except the shampoo+conditioner and Mirah Oil since December. You can keep making the tonic until you run out. I love how my hair is and even when I dye it its not a crucial cycle of getting it healthy again. Like I said, it is a cycle and it might get a tad ugly before it becomes amazing, so hold on and embrace the process.

This is my hair story and maybe you have one too, but your still looking for a better ending:) Maybe this is just what you needed…

XO~ Han.

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