Fear: The Most Contagious Illness

I am the kind of person that if I start thinking about the “what ifs” of situations I can’t see an ending result, I go down a windy road of wanting to lock myself in a closet with an abundance of caramels and coffee and the song “don’t dream its over” by Crowded House on a loop. I’m not alone I’m sure… All my fellow 2’s(enegram) out there said Amen:)

This virus and world wide panic is scary. No question. I’ve got kids and I have family all over in every age range so the thought of any of them getting this thing does cross my mind. ~Que. the caramel closet~. But watching the panic and over buying of toilet paper and wipes, not to mention the hit businesses are taking with the lack of people flow….it makes you think you need to worry too. Boom. There it is, the fearful ‘what if and ‘what do I do creeps in and you’ve caught the bug. You’re afraid.

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And that my friends is exactly what the enemy wants. He is overcome with joy when fear becomes a trend. TRUTH BOMB. He is having a hay day folks. No i’m not saying to ignore the caution and not wash your hands when you get back from the store( do that always). I’m talking, Change of mindset. A confident, satan butt kicking Mindset.

This crisis got me thinking that this applies to everything, everyday life. Not just when the world feels like it’s going to end. When going back to Gods word I am reminded again and again that He always has his kiddos in mind especially when we walk in love and truth. Of course he wants us to be aware and take care of the vessel he gave us called our bodies. But He wants us to always lead with our heart in fully trusting his outcome no matter the tribulations.

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PERSONAL TESTIMONY: Last week my mind started to drift off into the unknown thoughts and worries, and It started to affect my sleep. I could not get my brain to shut up! And not sleeping with 2 kids under 2 to keep up with during the day, ain’t that peachy. I finally went to my husband broken down with what I was feeling, sobbing, worried, upset, all at once-poor Thad- and he just held me and said “who DOESN’T worry about this stuff?” I looked at him thinking he was about to say him, but glad I held a response. ” Jesus doesn’t worry about those things, but he does think about you, all the time. When you get woken up again and the thoughts start pouring in, say his name, say what’s true; things like Jesus I’m so glad you love me and you take care of me. I put my trust in you, and anything that brings worry or frustration to my mind isn’t from you. I love you.” …And que. happy tears. Ugh why does he always know what to say.

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You would think that something that simple would work….But It did. The moment I started praising His name in the middle of the night, I was overcome with peace. Why do we think we need to go and sing every worship song or read Revelations to rid our minds from freaking out. I’m pretty sure us humans come up with the most drawn out and exhausting solutions sometimes! We really do, lol, me and my closet hiding self included:)

And that’s my little spill for the week and hope this encourages someone who maybe needed to know there is a spiritual cheerleader in your corner. And you can take my motto Ive been standing by in this season~ Oil up, Let God, And Push On:)

XO~ Han

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