Family Day, Cranky Kid, 3rd Anniversary.

In the midst of all this change, we are still trying to take time to do fun things as a family so we can stay happy and upbeat. I have realized that when planning fun things with a 2 year old can have the most bipolar outcome. We went to a nature park with all kinds of animals and got to drive the tour ourselves…so cool. River was the main person we were expecting to get the best kick out of it. Unfortunately he didn’t take his nap the whole 2 hours there and by the time we got to the tour—Total cranker pot. We had moments of “ooo, wow!” and then moments of “noooo, mine, I want paci, nooo!” His 9 month old sister showed him up big time-Chill as a Cucumber. River ended up pant-less, shoeless and asleep on my lap at the end of the tour, and Mary had no idea what was happening but the adults got kick of feeding a bunch of deer and rams.

My hubby’s new job is a different schedule than his old one which means I play solo a lot more. So going on spontaneous zoo trips(despite the cranky travelers) and olive garden dinner dates every two weeks to celebrate special days has just been our norm right now and it’s ok. Taking it a day at a time. I will say though, I’m kinda feeling the “full to the top” with moving, job change, taxes, house on market and closing, hubs birthday, 3 year anniversary, all happening in the very first two months Of. The. Year. Holy mama!

Thank goodness for cameras on our phones so memories pop up a year from now, and I just see how little my babies were and how cute they looked feeding a giraffe or a face covered in food. Not how chaotic the time period it was taken at.

I am so grateful that 3 years ago, I said I do to a man that literally fell from the sky(not really, but timing wise of me deciding to stay single forever, that’s how it felt) and was everything I didn’t know I needed. This beautiful life we have created together goes passed all that I could have dreamed of. I’m so glad he didn’t get scared off from this homeschool girl with bad highlights, and the fact that we still say hi to each other in a group of people like we are meeting for the first time means we are doing alright; Right?!

~XO Han:)

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