Slowly Back to the Blog World

Hello everyone! I’ve been working on this for a while and I am excited that this blog is my only social communication besides youtube and Pinterest. I deleted Facebook and instagram in january and haven’t looked back since. Yes its been an adjustment since I did most of my business advertising and building through those networks, but it left me feeling way to attached to my phone and not completing things I really wanted t do. I might jump back on eventually but I’m enjoying the freedom to create!

MaryEma 9 months old and the sweetest ever

Our family is going through a big change as of late and we are currently living in texas with my husbands sudden job change. Our oklahoma house isn’t sold yet so I’ve been doing the grand ol, back and forth the state line solo with the kiddos. The things I didn’t know I could do, lol. Which also means wifi is not a thing yet until we get a solid living situation. Until then my post might be sparatic and the youtube videos might be a little behind because of very…slow..uploading. eesh. Enjoy these cute photos of my babes having their best life with our currant adventure and stay tuned for more professional blog post!

River J now 2!

XO ~Han

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