My Story…

As a little girl, I was so fascinated with everything in the kitchen and wanted to learn all the ways of creating amazing dishes. at age 8 I was having a really hard time understanding math. It was literal Chinese to me…sob sessions with mom was becoming a usual and I was feeling super defeated. over time, It did become obvious that I had an interest with helping her in the kitchen, then she had a light bulb and my struggle was about to be over. Homeschool perks;)

One day after another frustrating lesson mom made me a deal. She said that if I could learn how to read recipes, then I could help her make all the meals for our family. My heart exploded. But her plan worked because my eight year old self didn’t realize that recipes were full of measurements, which for our family of 8 at the time(I’m the oldest of 13 kids presently) that meant tripling the recipe was always a possibility…hello FRACTIONS. no joke, a few moths into doing what gave me joy helped me understand math. It was no longer a hardship. I can sit here today as a 24 year old and say its still not my favorite subject but got through it just peachy, and did understand it. YES! And my passion for cooking started to become a gift.

Fast forward to high school, I became super confident with my food and started my own business selling baked goods to my local friends, businesses, and then it evolved into catering events, weddings, church events, and even birthdays. I also got to have some experience with making allergy sensitive food after my mom was put on a strict gluten and sugar free diet due to health reasons and that helped expand my food knowledge too. Need some yummy GF cupcakes that don’t  taste like cardboard- I got you.

When I got married at age 20 I was very excited and confident in my new role as a wife in the home. Providing hearty meals and a clean home for my new husband was something I wasn’t intimidated by. And when we both had health scares that needed diet change, that was a fun challenge, not a burden.

Now, I am a mama to three babies under 3 and a very healthy husband who enjoy my love for creating balanced meals for our everyday. I feel super blessed to have experienced the confidence of taking lead in my kitchen even though I was a young wife starting out. I want to be that person for other young women who want to be able to take their place in the kitchen, but don’t know where to start or don’t enjoy it, to encourage and bring all kinds of tools to help gain that old fashioned confidence. Because lets be real, food is the best kind of comfort and why not make it fun and simple so everybody can do it?! 

Yes please:)

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